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Frequently Asked Question

Q: When will the on-demand be online?
A: Workshop, research, industry, PhD consortium and demo sessions: before 23:59 of the day (GMT+8). Opening, keynotes, tutorials and panel: after the conference.

Q: Can I ask questions during sessions?
A: There is an online platform for live QA during the session. Another way is using Slack for discussion.

Q: How long will conference content be available to access?
A: The official website will not be closed after the conference. The online platform will be closed in two weeks after the conference.

Q: How to use the online platform?
A: The user guide is available at http://dm.iis.sinica.edu.tw/DASFAA2021/User_Guide_Attendee_Official.pdf

Q: During live sessions, why cannot I turn on my microphone?
A: If you are the chair or speaker, please raise your hand. The staff will help you. If you are not the presenter or session chair, you will be muted when entering the live session room. If you have any questions to the speakers, click on the “raise hand” button (with a palm icon) and the host will give you the privilege to unmute yourself.

Q: How to reset the camera or microphone permission?
A: Please adjust the permission in the browser settings.

Q: What should I do if I met some problems?
A: If you already login, there is a live support button on the top-left of the webpage. Others, please send a mail to dasfaa2021.reg@gmail.com.

Q: How does the author presentation proceed?
A: The conference staff will help play the videos that the authors uploaded to Dropbox. For live Q&A, presenting authors are free to share screen for your slides.